Xingyu Lan 🌱 蓝星宇

🎓 Researching in data visualization; 🔎 data journalist; 🖌 part-time writer; 🥘 hotpot & travel lover.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! I received my Ph.D degree at iDVX Lab, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, supervised by Prof. Nan Cao. I received my Bachelor’s degree of Sociology and Master’s degree of Journalism and Communications from Peking University.

I used to be a data journalist and learned design and coding by myself. I am enthusiastic about telling story with data and communicating data insights to the masses. Currently, my research interest mainly lies in data-driven storytelling, data visualization design, human-computer interaction, user experience, and intelligent visualization.

I pay close attention to the application of data visualization in industries such as data journalism, digital humanism, and business intelligence. I believe that visual literacy and data related skills are vital in the big data era. I am also a part-time writer running a blog / writing books / organizing events in China to introduce the latest progression and application of data visualization as well as teaching visualization skills.

Contact: xingyulan96(at) | Google Scholar

Latest News


Jul, 2022 · Passed my PhD dissertation defense! 🎉

Jun, 2022 · Awarded as the outstanding graduate of Shanghai

May, 2022 · Delivered a presentation at CHI2022

Feb, 2022 · Won the Outstanding Student Model honor in Tongji

Feb, 2022 · One papar accepted by CHI2022

Dec, 2021 · Won the Best Researcher of the Year Award in our lab.

Dec, 2021 · Delivered a presentation at HHME-CHCI conference

Nov, 2021 · Won the Academic Pioneer Award in Tongji

Nov, 2021 · Won a college scholarship.

Nov, 2021 · Won the first prize in China Digital Humanities Open Data Research Contest

Oct, 2021 · Delivered my first paper presentation at VIS

Aug, 2021 · Organized an event called "Data Visualization Roast" in Shanghai, China

Jul, 2021 · Delivered a presentation at ChinaVis2021 & hosted the student visiting to the art program

Jul, 2021 · Our poster won Honorable Mention at ChinaVis2021

Jul, 2021 · Two papers accepted by VIS2021

May, 2021 · Delivered my first paper presentation at CHI

May, 2021 · One paper accepted by EuroVis2021

Jan, 2021 · Hosted & presented at iDVX x AntV Intelligent Visualization Innovation Forum

Dec, 2020 · One paper accepted by PacificVis2020 (TVCG track)

Nov, 2020 · Two papers accepted by CHI2021

Nov, 2020 · Delivered a presentation at the Doctorial Forum in my school

Oct, 2020 · Published a MOOC called Data-Driven Storytelling

Jul, 2020 · Student volunteer at ChinaVis2020

Nov, 2019 · Teaching assistant of the course - Data Visualization Workshop

Sept, 2019 · Started my Ph.D journey

Jul, 2019 · Presented "Gradict" at ChinaVis2019

Jul, 2019 · Graduated with honor from Peking University

Jun, 2019 · Won the "Most Popular Author" and "Best Data Content Creator" at the Conference of The Papar

May, 2019 · Won the gold award in the 1st China DataViz Competition (Best Data News)

Mar, 2019 · Published "Gradict", the first Chinese online "dictionary" of data visualizations

Dec, 2018 · Won the third prize in the 2nd New Concept Multimedia Work Competetion

Jul, 2018 · Won the first prize in the 3rd National Data Journalism Competition

Jun, 2018 · Won the second prize in the 1st Huawei Data Analyst Competition

Feb, 2017 · Hosted "Data is Beautiful" talk at Shenzhen